Art Group WE (Wilson-Eflerova) present installation and live performance Anima/Animus.

27/06/2014 15:36

Welcome to Osek Monastery!

Visitors to Osek Monastery -- ITC Gallery (Informační turistické centrum) will have an opportunity to view unique interdisciplinary artworks by internationally acclaimed English/Czech video-performance artist collective WE (Wilson-Eflerová) from 29 June to 27 July 2014. 

Anima/Animus was initially created in response to a damaged 13th century statue, excavated from the grounds of Winchester Cathedral, England.

Bringing to life the statue, believed to be ‘Ecclesia’, as well as her counterpart ‘Synagoga’, (who is often displayed alongside), as a pair of statuettes, the characters are embodied via two performances by Helena Eflerová. These are exhibited as video content projected onto a custom built, arch shaped free-standing screen.

Exploring a direct dialogue between found object, performer/video image and viewer, WE invite audiences to engage with the ‘Other’ (through the gaze), via the use of movement and nonverbal language.

“Anima/Animus explores an ancient religious artefact with reference to Jungian theories of the unconscious mind,” Helena Eflerová explains. “By embodying a historical in filmed durational live performances, we explore the significance of past human experiences and examine their resonance with today’s audiences.”

“Anima/Animus challenges public perception and stimulates new ways of thinking about contemporary art within sacred sites.” Kye Wilson continued.

Collaborating since 2008, WE (Wilson-Eflerová) combine performance and video mediums within an installation display context that explore themes of embodiment and the human condition. They have exhibited internationally.


Anima/Animus is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


In addition to the video installation previously unseen research materials, photographic prints and costumes will be on display, and on the 27. 7. 2014 at 17.00 visitors will also get the chance to experience a new live performance by Helena Eflerová created especially for this exhibition at Osek Abby.



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