few of our City tours & Trips from Prague

Prague, Valdstejn gardenPRAGUE GREAT CITY TOUR – From the hotel to Prague Castle, Lesser Side (free time for lunch), St Nicolas Church, across Charles Bridge to the Old Town & Jewish Quarter, Old Town Square, a part of New City and back to hotel.  

The tour lasts around 6 hours.


Prague CastlePRAGUE BASIC CITY TOUR – From the hotel to Prague Castle to Lesser Side (czech: Mala Strana) via Charles Bridge to the Old Town, Old Town Square and back to hotel. 

The tour lasts around hours.



Prague_Bridge of Charles IV_OTUSPRAGUE SHORT CITY TOUR – From the hotel to Old Town Square across Charles Bridge to central part of Lesser Side (czech: Mala Strana) and back to hotel. 

The tour lasts around hours.




KARLŠTEJN CASTLE  is a large Gothic castle founded 1348 AD by Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor-elect and King of Bohemia. Chapel of the Holy Cross with pictures by Theodoric of Prague, 1360-65. Located about 30 km southwest of Prague above the village of the same name, it is one of the most famous and most frequently visited castles in the Czech Republic. Trip from Prague. Need timebooking. The tour lasts around 5 hours.


Konopiste Castle

KONOPIŠTĚ CASTLE  The castle was apparently established in the 1280s by Prague Bishop Tobiaš as a Gothic fortification. Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria bought Konopiště in 1887, with his inheritance from the last reigning Duke of Modena and had it repaired between 1889 and 1894 into a luxurious residence, suitable to the future Emperor; which he preferred to his official residence in Vienna. The extensive 225 ha English-style park with terraces, a rose garden and statues, was established at the same time. Trip from Prague. Need timebooking. The tour lasts around hours.

KŘIVOKLÁT CASTLE one of the oldest and most famous castles of Bohemian kings, was founded in the 12th century, belonging to the kings of Bohemia of the Premysl, Luxembourg, Jagellon, Habsburg dynasty. Today the castle serves as a museum, tourist destination and place for theatrical performance. Collections of hunting weapons, Gothic paintings and books are stored there. Trip from Prague. Need timebooking. The tour lasts around hours.


St. Barbora cathedral UNESCO Heritage

KUTNÁ HORA – Walking through Middle Age town centre, visiting St. Barbara Cathedral (UNESCO Memorial) its construction began in 1388, and The Italian Court (czech: Vlašský dvůr) with Royal Mint Museum, the Sedlec Ossuary (czech: Kostnice v Sedlci), is estimated to contain the skeletons of between 40,000 and 70,000 people, Church of St. James, etc. Trip from Prague. The tour lasts around hours.




PODĚBRADY SPA & MĚLNÍK CASTLE – Podebrady is  a famous spa, just 50 km far from Prague. Walking through spa area, visiting Bohemia Crystal leadglass factory (incl. adm.), Mělník Castle (fall under czech one and real Prince Lobkowicz) + vine cellar with tasting (incl. adm.).  Trip from Prague. The tour lasts around hours.


Karlovy Vary SpaKARLOVY VARY SPA - Walking through spa area with break for lunch, tasting of some natural curative springs (main spring Vřídlo the most famous of 12 springs), time for shopping. Trip from PragueThe tour lasts around 8 hours.

KARLOVY VARY & MARIÁNSKÉ LÁZNĚ – Walking through spa centre with break for lunch, tasting of some natural springs, departure to Mariánské Lázně – the famous curative spa – Colonnade, Singing Fountain. Trip from PragueThe tour lasts around 10 hours.


Hluboka Castle

HLUBOKÁ & ČESKÝ KRUMLOV – Hluboka Castle aka "Czech Windsor" castle with unique collection and medieval town Český Krumlov (UNESCO) walking through historical centre. Return way: short visit of legendary Tábor. Trip from Prague. The tour lasts around hours. 

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